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Cura is an independent, privately owned company establishing itself as a leading provider of hospital care in Australia. It is also the largest day hospital company in Australia and currently owns 20 leading facilities, that are utilised by over 400 Doctors, across 5 states and territories.

Cura is owned by over 140 Doctors and its management team, with funds managed by Intermediate Capital Group. It is chaired by Dr Keith Zabell OAM, one of the founders of Toowoomba Surgicentre (founded in 1987) and a practising Ophthalmologist. 

Cura’s structure provides real and absolute alignment of interests between Doctor Shareholders, Day Hospitals, DON’s and staff. This structure, combined with the vast and relevant industry specific experience of Cura’s Executive team and facility managers brings genuine benefits of scale and significantly improves capital allocation.

Cura has been organised around the following three main principles that have allowed it to establish a distinguished clinical and financial track record and very strong relationships with each of our Doctor Shareholders and the VMO's in Cura’s facilities.

  • Focusing its operations around its key Stakeholders, Doctors and their patients;
  • Ensuring that each of its Day Hospitals meet the highest standards of clinical quality; and
  • Retaining and enhancing the clinical and management practices that preceded Cura’s ownership.

Cura has several very attractive characteristics which include being established yet rapidly growing.  Naturally we are interested in meeting with Day Hospital investors and owners to introduce Cura and its objectives, and how Day Hospital investors and owners might participate with Cura. We believe that Cura is positively adding to the specialist owned day hospital sector in Australia and a partnership with Cura could offer benefits for shareholders that include:

  • Full or partial liquidity for all or some shareholders,
  • Future upside for specialists via a shareholding in Cura Day Hospitals Group,
  • Facilitating the recruitment of other specialists into the group via equity participation.

Accordingly please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Frantz,  Manager - Mergers & Acquisitions, for a confidential discussion. Stephanie can be contacted by email or by phone 07 3218 3700.

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